ZIMBABWE: Invictus Reports Encouraging Preliminary Seismic Results

Invictus Energy Limited has provided an update on the activities of its 80% owned and operated Cabora Bassa Project in Zimbabwe.

CB21 Seismic Survey Preliminary Results Encouraging

Following the completion of the Cabora Bassa 2021 seismic survey (CB21 Survey) in early November which acquired a total of 839.3km of high resolution 2D seismic data, preliminary processing by EarthSignal of selected lines is demonstrating encouraging
results. In addition, the previous survey acquired by Mobil will be reprocessed by EarthSignal in conjunction with the CB21 Survey to integrate the legacy dataset and apply insights to the entire Cabora Bassa Basin.

An example of the preliminary processing results of line CB21-010 are provided on pages 2 & 3 of this announcement. Figure 1 shows the Preliminary Stack scaled version which shows the clearly defined Muzarabani anticline structure and clear fault definition and deep reflectors below 4 seconds.

Figure 2 shows the Preliminary Stack unscaled version which demonstrates anomalous shallow amplitudes in the shallower section of the Muzarabani structure and against the basin margin fault where hydrocarbon bearing traps are expected to be located.
These amplitude anomalies can often be indicative of the presence of hydrocarbons.

Figure 3 shows the same Preliminary Stack unscaled version with a focus on the anomalous amplitudes in the Muzarabani structure andshows potential “flat spots” which could be a potential indication ofa hydrocarbon contact.

Invictus Managing Director Scott Macmillan commented:
“Importantly, the initial processing results of the seismic acquisition has produced high quality data revealing a variety of structural and stratigraphic features providing for a target rich environment for the upcoming drilling program. The early indications from the preliminary seismic processing are very encouraging and particularly the strong amplitude anomalies observed in the Muzarabani structure and along the basin
margin fault. While we look forward to the final processed products and interpretation of the entire CB21 Survey which will also enable better characterisation of the primary Upper Angwa target in the Muzarabani prospect, these initial results are encouraging as we progress with the selection of optimal drilling locations for the upcoming drilling campaign scheduled for 1H 2022.”


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