Tanzania’s Kilombero basin Seismic Shows Multiple Structures similar to the Lokichar basin

Swala Energy Limited has announce that the seismic survey being carried out in the Kilombero Basin by Swala Oil and Gas (Tanzania) Plc has provided the first evidence of multiple structures – a ‘string of pearls’- along the western basin boundary fault.

The seismic survey which was planned after the 2013 seismic survey suggested structural similarities

between the Kilombero Basin and the Lokichar Basin in Kenya, where Tullow Oil and Africa Oil have made a significant number of discoveries.

The 2013 seismic survey also identified the Kito Prospect which as per the Company’s estimates could contain P50 Best Estimate contingent resources of 60.4mmbbls net to Swala Tanzania (35.3mmbbls net to Swala).

The first line of the current seismic survey acquired in the Kilombero Basin, Line 101, extends along the strike of the main bounding fault. Initial interpretation of the data suggests the presence of four new structures, each being 5-10km long.

At the northern end of Line 101, just beyond the Kito Prospect, the data show that one of the identified reservoir horizons is rising, potentially indicating the presence of another structural closure.

swala kilombero main fault

The data supports the initial views on the similarities between the Kilombero and Lokichar Basins (see Figure 2). The Kilombero structures are interpreted as roll-over anticlines against the major north-south fault on the western side of the basin (and lying behind the section shown).

Figure 2:

Swala kilombero lokichar similarities


These anticlines are of similar structural style to those in the Lokichar Basin, many of which are now discoveries, such as Ngamia-1 and Twiga South-1.

The seismic survey will now acquire a series of infill dip seismic lines across the structures to test the extent to which they extend into the basin. The survey will extend to the eastern and northern sides of the basin to determine any further structural leads and this will be followed by further dip lines over any leads.

According to Swala’s CEO Dr. David Mestres Ridge the early results of the Kilombero seismic survey are particularly exciting and the similarities with the Lokichar Basin are extremely encouraging given the enormous success that has been achieved there to date.

“The seismic survey has so far identified five possible structures in addition to the Kito Prospect and we believe further dip lines will cement these into firm drilling candidates and that the extension of Line 101 further north will result in more structures being identified,” says Swala’s CEO Dr. David Mestres Ridge

Swala expects the survey will be completed by the end of the year after which the results will be interpreted in order to select one or more targets for a 2015 drilling programme.

“Otto is very encouraged by this new data and how the Kilombero basin is maturing and looks forward to delivering, with our operator Swala, the first exploration well in 2015 to test the prospectivity of this emerging new basin,” Matthew Allen, Otto’s CEO said.

Swala which is the operator has a 29.2% net interest and 50% participating interest in the Kilosa-Kilombero licence in central Tanzania while Otto Energy Limited has a 50% participating interest.

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