East Africa Energy Infrastructure Security Forum set for Nairobi

A forum to address the growing threat of terrorism on the energy infrastructure in East Africa is set to take place in Nairobi in the month of February 2015.

According to the organisers International research Networks the forum will contain a case study on the real threat posed by terrorist groups and their activities targeting the oil and gas industry.

The forum will also analyse the menace posed by extremists such as Al-Shabaab and Lord’s Resistance Army and the socio-economic impact of their activities on the energy industry in East Africa.

The Forum will also be a unique platform which will allow delegates to share intelligence with other senior level experts in the energy industry and relevant Governmental bodies on how to effectively cooperate with local communities, improve information sharing between neighbouring states, secure ports and offshore assets, develop defence plans for vessels transiting through high risk areas, prevent pipeline sabotage and select the most advanced security systems to match their security needs.

The forum also comes at a time that Iraq’s  and Syrian economies and oil stock markets have in the last few months faced disruptions largely caused by the incursions of the militant group Islamic State ISIS.

The forum has attracted  presentatuins from heads of security, risk managers as well as analysts from companies including Vivo Energy Africa, Maersk Kenya, Puma Energy South Africa, CNOOC Uganda,  Institute of Security Studies Kenya, Bg Group Kenya, Kenya Ports Authorty, Security Research & Information Centre Nairobi and Maritime Crime, Hostage Support and Government Mentor on Maritime Strategy, UNODC

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