Searcher announces 2D and 3D seismic project Offshore South Africa

Searcher has announced a new multi-client 2D and 3D seismic rectification project Offshore South Africa, in collaboration with the Petroleum Agency of South Africa.

The South Africa seismic data covers the Outeniqua Basin and its sub-Basins; the Bredasdorp, Infanta, Pletmos, Gamtoos, Algoa and Southern Outeniqua Basins. Searcher has applied its proprietary post-stack reprocessing method to rectify navigation, metadata, amplitude, phase and time creating a contiguous database that can be easily loaded into any interpretation software.

Neil Hodgson, Searcher’s VP GeoScience, said “With the success of the Luiperd-1 well proving the spectacular commercial resource potential offshore South Africa, this then is an incredible time to be bringing a ready-to-interpret dataset over the basin to the industry.  The Cretaceous source rocks of the Brulpadda-Luiperd trend extend along the margin on the north side of the Agulhas Transform, which provides a depositional onlap for hybrid clastic systems being brought to the basin floor.  Brulpadda and Luiperd are just beginning of the excitement on this trend and we can confidently expect a lot more to come in this nascent superbasin.”

The expanding South Africa 2D and 3D seismic database will be available on Searcher’s on-demand web platform, sAIsmic, for easy access to explorers.

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