GABON: BW Energy Starts Production from Hibiscus South Field

BW Energy has announced that production has safely started from the DHBSM-1H well in the Hibiscus South field on the Dussafu Licence offshore Gabon five months after the initial discovery was made in November 2023. Production performance from the well has been in line with expectations and is currently stabilised at approximately 5,000-6,000 barrels of oil per day.

The DHBSM-1H well was drilled as a horizontal well from the BW MaBoMo production facility to a total depth of 5,960 metres into Gamba sandstone reservoir. The well is located approximately 5 kilometres southwest of the MaBoMo in a separate accumulation with a deeper oil-water contact than the nearby Hibiscus Field. Following completion, the Borr Norve jackup has commenced drilling operations on the Ruche sidetrack well (DRM-3H ST1).

“We are very pleased with the safe and efficient execution of Hibiscus South fast-track development within a few months after making the initial discovery,” said Carl K. Arnet CEO of BW Energy. “This represents a material, low-cost and low-risk expansion of the Dussafu production and reserve base, demonstrating how our phased development strategy provides the flexibility to rapidly unlock significant value.”

The DHBSM-1H well is expected to recover 6.6 mmbbls from approximately 22 mmbbls oil in place, based on third party 2P estimates.

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