Hashi Energy converts Petrol car to run on LPG

Hashi Energy limited has announced the introduction of their latest Kenyan assembled innovation car Autogas a petrol driven car that has been converted to run on liquefied petroleum gas.

Hashi energy says this will lead to 20 percent fewer pollutants into the atmosphere as they burn cleaner during the combustion process.

Hashi adds that the AutoGas conversions have also been proven to increase engine life with the AutoGas able to run on both petrol and LPG with a dual tank feature doubling the mileage of cars between fill ups.

Above all consumers will be able to drive further making driving more economical per kilometer.

“Greener and more sustainable energy solutions is the future of Africa. We as Kenyan love innovation, so, it was obvious that the AutoGas launch must be carried out in the innovation hub of Africa. Our customers need to see savings on transport, especially in a market where costs are continually rising, this solution is not only affordable but better for their vehicles as well as being greener for the environment,” says Group CEO of Hashi Energy Mohamed Adan.

The company is inviting members of the public to register to get the opportunity to test the new solution.

This week the AutoGas will be unveiled in Nairobi’s Village market mall.

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