Exploration slows down in Kenya as rig count falls

The number of drilling rigs in Kenya is expected to significantly fall in Kenya in 2015 as oil companies cut down on exploration as well as the main players’ ramp up their exploration and appraisal program.

According to Africa Oil a joint partner with Tullow Oil in blocks 10BB, 13T and 10BA the partners had five rigs towards the end of 2014 one in Block 9 where Africa Oil is the operator together with its partner Marathon Oil.

In 2015 as the company concentrates on appraisal and development of the discovered basin in Northern Kenya, the Africa Oil – Tullow partnership has released one of its four rigs.

Later this year, by the end of the second quarter the partners will again release two additional rigs remaining with just one single rig operating in Kenya.

“The focus of the work program in 2014 was drilling out the remaining prospect inventory in the discovered basin in Northern Kenya, appraising existing discoveries, drilling new basin opening wells and progressing the development studies towards project sanction for the discovered basin in Northern Kenya,” says Africa Oil in a statement.

Already the partners have drilled 23 wells in Northern Kenya 17 of which have been successful.

In Ethiopia Africa Oil is also pulling back two rigs from Ethiopia’s South Omo Block and Blocks 7/8.

All is however not lost as a number of other players in other basins are beginning their drilling programmes including Rift Energy, Swala Energy, Bowleven with others  like ERHC starting their program in 2016.

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