Civicon Kenya secures Tullow Oil contract for roads and airstrips in Turkana

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Civicon Engineering Company (part of TransCentury group) has signed a two year deal with British Oil Company Tullow Oil mandated to explore oil in Turkana County, in a move that will see Civicon involved in drilling of oil wells and opening up roads and airstrips in the region.

According to Civicon’s head of business development Ben Kiilu, the fact that Civicon is Kenyan, the company is well posed to facilitate the employment of more local talent in the project.

Oil exploration activities in Turkana County are headed for a breakthrough after recent conflicts between the county government and Tullow oil over failure to employ the local human resource were solved.

This follows the coming in of Civicon Engineering Company a Kenyan company that will use the local community in exploration services, opening up of roads and airstrips in the region in addition to the drilling of oil wells.

Kiilu further says that the company is recruiting youths from local polytechnics to work in the exploration services in addition to exploiting previously ignored opportunities in welding, with the demand of professional welders in the region on the rise.

He however noted that inadequate skills in various technological areas have seen the use of foreign manpower in the oil exploration activities, a gap that Civicon is working hard to close by training local engineers in advanced civil and mechanical engineering.

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  1. i here by congratulation the civicon for good work they are doing at tullow in Turkana but why should they consider the people whom theysent home without any notification that they will be call back for work please I pleaded on my site

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