Maximum Wholesale and Retail Prices in Kenya for the Period 15th Feb – 14th March 2021

Taking into account  the weighted  average  cost of imported   refined  petroleum  products, the changes  in the maximum   allowed  petroleum   pump  prices  in Nairobi  are as follows: Super  Petrol,  Diesel  and … Read More

TANZANIA: African Energy Chamber Calls for a Quick Resolution After Arrest of Oil Companies Executives

The African Energy Chamber expresses its concerns over the alleged arrest and detention of three energy executives in Tanzania last week. Total Tanzania’s Managing Director Jean-Francois Schoepp, Puma Supply Manager … Read More

FEATURE: Legend Petroleum, the Petroleum Equipment One Stop Shop

Founded in 2012 by a group of young men from Nakuru, located approximately 150 kilometers from the capital Nairobi Legend Petroleum identified a gap in the downstream market when accessing … Read More

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