ZIMBABWE: Mukuyu-1 STI Continues to Witness Multiple Downhole Failures

Invictus Energy continues to report challenges in completing the Mukuyu-1 side track well with the recent report indicating that the wireline cable became lodged against
the wellbore, during the wireline sampling programme, and multiple attempts to free the cable have been unsuccessful.

“Following the primary log acquisition, multiple downhole failures were encountered with both the primary and backup wireline formation testing tools.”

Further a statement by the company indicate that the cable is stuck above the wireline formation testing tools although the drill string has been rigged up to conduct fishing operations to attempt to retrieve the wireline formation testing tool

Invictus that with the drill string being rigged this significantly increases the chance of retrieving the tools and continuing wireline logging operations to obtain a fluid

If successful Invictus says the tool function will be verified, and the Company will conduct “logging while fishing” operations on drill pipe saving time by allowing logging to continue during fishing operations and allowing the tools to continue the testing programme, with the aim of obtaining a fluid sample.

Comments from Managing Director Scott Macmillan:
“The delays in concluding the evaluation programme are frustrating, however, the borehole conditions remain favourable for a successful logging programme.
“With the wireline cable stuck above the wireline tools, we are optimistic fishing operations will be successful and allow us to continue the sampling programme with the aim of obtaining a fluid sample to enable a formal discovery to be made.
“Tool failures and unforeseen delays are an unfortunate but common occurrence in frontier oil and gas exploration.
“We will provide further updates once the fishing operation is concluded.”

The company has since its last update reported that the reaming of select hole sections was completed and the wellbore was prepared for wireline logging. The primary wireline logs were successfully acquired across the entire 8½” hole section of the Mukuyu-1 ST1 wellbore.

Preliminary evaluation the company says indicates multiple potential gas bearing zones coincident with intervals that displayed elevated gas shows during drilling of the original Mukuyu-1 wellbore.

The Mukuyu-1 well that is currently being drilled in the company’s 80% owned SG 4571 licence in Zimbabwe’s Cabora Bassa Basin.

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