ZIMBABWE: Drilling of the Mukuyu-1 has Recommenced

Progress and current operations
Since the last update, the Mukuyu-1 well was successfully plugged back to the 9⅝” casing shoe (at approximately 2,020mMD) and drilling to kickoff the Mukuyu-1 ST1 (sidetrack) well initiated.
Drilling progress has been delayed due to a failure of a mud motor and loss of drilling nozzles necessitating two unplanned change outs.
This was followed by the failure of a control module of the Top Drive System (TDS), which has since been repaired.
The drilling of the Mukuyu-1 ST1 has recommenced and the mud system is being displaced to the planned lighter weight drilling mud in preparation for drilling ahead and anticipated to be completed in approximately 10 days.

Comments from Managing Director Scott Macmillan:
“Whilst the delays have frustrated our progress to complete the drilling of Mukuyu-1 ST1 well with the goal of obtaining a fluid sample we anticipate the remaining activities will require approximately 10 days and we look forward to providing further updates in coming weeks.”

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