ZANZIBAR: 1st Licensing Round Schedule Released

The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar together with the Ministry of Blue Economy and Fisheries with the Zanzibar Petroleum Regulatory Authority (ZPRA) announces the Licensing Round Schedule for the Zanzibar 1st Licensing Round declared on March 20th 2024..

The deadline for bid submission and Licensing Round closure is set for 16th December 2024. Zanzibar invites companies to participate in the Zanzibar 1st Licensing Round by engaging in this process. 

Licensing Round Schedule – UPDATED 10th June 2024

MAR 21 – DEC 16: Bid Preparation/ Data Access/ Purchase & Submission. The period of bid preparation, data access, purchase and submission takes place from the 21st March – 16th December.

DEC 16: Extended Deadline for Bid Submission & Licensing Round Closure. The deadline for bid submissions is 16th December. All submissions after this date will be excluded from evaluation.

DEC 17 – FEB 15: Bid Evaluation Period. The period of bid evaluations takes place from 17th December to 15th February 2025.

FEB 16: Announcement of Bid Round Awards

2025: Results of the Zanzibar 1st Licensing Round shared with stakeholders and industry in a public announcement.

FEB 17 – APR 18: Contract Negotiation

APR 19 – APR 30: Signing Preparation & Contract Signing

Available Blocks for the Zanzibar 1st Licensing Round

  • Deep offshore areas from 500m to 3,000m water depth.
  • A variety of datasets available to licence through exclusive provider, SLB.

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