Uganda & Tanzania: Resumption of the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project Activities

Following the takeover and greenlight from the Ugandan Government for the takeover of Tullow’s equity in the various oil blocks the East Africa Crude Oil pipeline project.
Pipeline-EACOP) is back on track.

Following this agreement, all suspended project tenders are expected to be re-launched (Call for tender re-launch) by September 2020, all negotiations between the project partners and the Government of Uganda and Tanzania are expected to be completed.

Final project investment decisions (FID) are expected to be issued by partners by December, 2020 where construction of the project infrastructure is expected to begin as early as early next year 2021.

TOTAL Company on behalf of the Partnership Company (EACOP co) is responsible for the management of various EACOP project activities. The company, among other things, is responsible for providing project information including tenders as well as employment in accordance with the agreement entered into by the EACOP Project partners.

However, private companies as well as unscrupulous individuals have already begun to emerge by providing inaccurate information regarding the announcement of tenders as well as the jobs expected to be found in the project.

TPDC as the main partner and shareholder in the project on behalf of the Government of Tanzania, has informed the public that all project tenders will be announced by TOTAL which is a partner company that has been mandated to do so and that no mediator or auctioneer has been assigned. that.

However, TPDC advises service providers in oil and gas projects to register in the EWURA data center as it has the authority to regulate Tanzanians’ participation in major gas and oil projects so that they can be recognized.

“So TPDC would like to urge the public to continue to monitor project information in the appropriate sources and to avoid advertisements that have already been issued by individuals as well as companies that are not involved in this project.” read a statemen from the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC)

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