Uganda raises troop levels in Oil rich region

Uganda’s Inspector General of police has ordered the deployment of both covert and overt troops in the Albertine region especially in an area set for the building of the country’s refinery.

The Inspector General has instructed the Assistant Inspector General of Police Abbas Byakagaba to ‘ensure that the presence of the forces is felt’ a measure seen by skeptics as a way of forcing the region’s citizens come to a quick agreement of compensation rate.

The continued dispute with residents reluctant to accept the compensation is feared could delay the construction of the refinery at Hoima expected to have an output of 60,000 barrels a day as to which the governments of the East African community will own 40 percent equity.

The forces are expected to be in the area by the end of this week according to the deputy police spokesperson, Mr Patrick Onyango with the Inspector General having instructed that the Energy Minister and the Permanent secretary be informed with the aim of seeking their support.

The minister for Energy Simon D’Ujanga in September said the government had begun moving people in a 29 square kilometer as to where the refinery will be built but Banyarwanda pastoralists are said to have invaded the area as per last month.

As per the development timeline of the refinery the facility is expected to come into operation in 2017/18 same time as the China’s National Offshore Oil Corporation which has won its first production license will complete the Kingfisher Field development phase.

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