Uganda Oil & Gas SMEs to Benefit from $100 Million Funding

The Skills Development Facility (SDF), which is part of the US$100 million Uganda Skills Development Project (USDP), provides for an opportunity for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) interested and/or engaged in the Oil & Gas business to skill the workforce and enhance their competitiveness.

SDF is a Government of Uganda Project funded by the World Bank and implemented by the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU).

The facility aims at promoting employer-led short-term training in order to address prevailing skills imbalances and shortages in Uganda.

The Oil & Gas Industrial Baseline Survey (IBS) has identified the skills demand and supply in Oil & Gas related sectors that need to be enhanced for the competitiveness of local companies.

The Workforce Skills Development Strategy & Plan for the Oil & Gas sector in Uganda forecasts that there will be a very rapid demand for labour at Basic Skills & Entry, Trades & Crafts and Technician Levels, particularly in construction, logistics & transport and catering and camp management services.

The funding

PSFU is inviting eligible enterprises to apply for the SDF Window 1 (Skills shortages in the formal sector).

The Facility is focusing on six priority areas, including Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing /auto mechanics. Transport & Logistics, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Tourism& Hospitality.

Funding Windows

PSFU invites applications for the SDF grants

Activities in Window 1 includes practical & technical training programs, apprenticeship & internship, voucher scheme for industries with mobility of workers for those intending to participate in it.

In terms of grant contribution from PFSU, the ceiling is $250,000 covering a range of up to 80% for (Medium companies), up to 50% for the (Large companies) up to 90% for (Voucher Scheme) and up to 100% (Internship).

An important element of the initiative is to facilitate collaboration between training providers and industry to promote demand-driven skills development with special attention to innovative modes of training.

Paying back?

SDF is a grant and not a loan. Support provided under SDF is not required to be paid back. beneficiary companies will have to contribute a percentage of 20%-50% depending on their scale of operation.

How to apply

Visit the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) website: or funding windows/window1

Click; apply now, carefully study the requirements, fill the application and submit.


The deadline for submission of applications will be Wednesday, 14th February 2020 at 12 O’clock. Late submission will not be accepted.

About SDF

The facility is a 5-year project implemented through a Grant Facility mechanism that will be co-financed by the private sector through a matching grant contribution, and support training activities that lead to improved productivity and competitiveness in the formal and informal sectors.

This requires strategic partnerships between firms, service providers and industry associations.

The focus will be on short-term, practical and technical training of employees (including business skills for the informal sector) ranging from few days to not more than six months

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