Uganda International Oil and Gas Summit set for September in Kampala

The Uganda International Oil and Gas Summit (UIOGS) is set to take place in Kampala starting 16th September to discuss the development and best practice of Uganda’s already thriving oil and gas industry.

The two day government led event is expected to provide a platform for the government and State Companies to engage with international and local investors while at the same time ensure all participants have key opportunities to share knowledge, explore current challenges and examine the most prominent investment opportunities in Uganda and throughout the region.

The government also hopes through the ministry of Energy and the National Oil Company to use the conference to promote opportunities in the oil and gas sector in Uganda as well as attract international and regional investors and to promote partnerships with local companies.

Discussions will focus on how to encourage international knowledge transfer on all issues from exploration and production as leading players in the world gather united in one sitting.

“UIOGS is Uganda’s official event and the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Development will be using this platform to actively engage with all our partners and suppliers from around the world,” Hon. Eng. Irene Muloni, Minister for Energy & Mineral Development.

The organizers say they hope to draw on experiences and lessons learnt from throughout the world so as to ensure companies can employ the best practice solutions and give the opportunity for companies to put forward latest ideas.

To the Ugandan people the summit will also discuss on how to promote the existence of hydrocarbon resources as a real benefit to the people of Uganda and the importance of local content in projects undertaken in Uganda.

The conference comes as the government of Uganda continues with preparations for production and export with the construction of the pipeline and the refinery being undertaken in partnership with the Goverments of Kenya and Rwanda in advanced.

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