UGANDA: EACOP Provides transitional support to Project Affected Persons

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Ltd, has provided transitional support in form of food baskets to eligible Project Affected Persons (PAPs) as a short-term measure to support their food security. The distribution is being done by the Company’s transitional support contractor, Echo & Partner, with the support of the Local Council 1 Chairpersons of the respective villages and will be in line will the Ministry of Health guidelines, on the current Ebola situation in the country.

Eligibility to receive support depends on the vulnerability of the household as well as the severity of impact of the project on a household during land acquisition process. The assessment of impact and vulnerability of the households was done during the Resettlement Action Planning (RAP) process and determines the level of support to be received by each PAP as indicated their respective compensation agreements.

All households deemed eligible for transitional support after relocation/loss of access to their land will receive food baskets to support their food security as a short-term measure (Up to 6 months or 12 Months depending on Eligibility) and will thereafter be provided an opportunity through other Agricultural improvement and Vocational skills enhancement interventions to immediately restore their livelihoods to pre-project levels.

EACOP is enrolling the program starting with the project priority area 1-Material Camp/ Park Yard 1 (MCPY1), where 29 PAPs are eligible for food Baskets but the exercise for food basket delivery will commence with 15 PAPs whose Notices to Vacate have expired. The other 14 eligible PAPs will be enrolled on the program starting December 2022 when their notices to vacate will expire.

  • 1 Household is eligible for food basket 1 (Maize flour -2kgs, Beans -2Kgs, Rice -2kgs, Cooking oil- 0.5litres, Salt – 100gms all per week)
  • 8 Households are eligible for food basket 2 (Maize flour -4kgs, Beans -4Kgs, Rice -4kgs, Cooking oil- 1litre, Salt – 200gms all per Household per week)
  • 6 Households are eligible for food basket 3 (Maize flour -6kgs, Beans -6Kgs, Rice -6kgs, Cooking oil- 2litres, Salt – 300gms all per household per week)

Project Affected Persons whose livelihoods or income levels are affected will be provided opportunities through livelihood restoration programs to improve, or at least restore, their means of income-earning capacity, production levels, and standards of living.

Livelihood restoration is going to be implemented in two phases:

Phase 1: Provide transitional support to households as a short-term measure to support their food security in terms of Dry rations/ food baskets within the first 6-12 months as soon as the affected Households vacate land. The amount you receive and how long your supported depends on how heavily you have been impacted.

Phase 2 & 3: Provide Households with opportunities and support to improve their livelihoods back to pre-project levels through Agricultural Improvement activities and enhancing skills of household members through vocational training.

Of the total 3648 PAPs, 3,582 PAPs will receive Livelihood restoration support and out of the 3,582, 2,250 or 62% are eligible for food baskets.

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