Uganda admits loss of funds earmarked for oil projects related land compensation

The Uganda National Roads Authority has admitted part of $3.5 million set aside to compensate for loss of land to roads to connect the country’s oil rich district Hoima ahead of the oil production, refining, power generation and transmission infrastructure phase went  to ghost beneficiaries in a hearing to probe corruption at the authority.

According to land acquisition specialist Pamela Kemigisha the UNRA lost some $59,000 and is currently facing a probing by the inspector general of government and criminal intelligence and investigations directorate.

The UNRA has also admitted that it failed to carry background checks on Mapcon a company that was tasked with coming up with property valuations and compensation to Hoima residents affected by the road works.

The tarmacking of the Hoima-Kaiso Tonya road in Western Uganda was completed in 2011 by Turkish construction firm Kolin Insaat TurizmSanayiVeTecaret has a length of 92 kilometres.

The road which was estimated to cost $125 million connected the city of Hoima with the towns of Kaiso and Tonya on the shores of Lake Albert.

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