Tullow Oil, Africa Oil report positive results from Kenya’s appraisal drilling, Well testing

In the latest update by Block 10BB and 13T joint venture partners Tullow Oil and Africa Oil appraisal drilling and Extended Well Tests (EWT) continue to produce positive results.

The Amosing EWT which commenced in May testing five reservoir zones in the field across two wells, in one well the production was tested while pressure responses were measured in the other well.

Production from all five zones was at a combined average constrained rate of 4,300 bopd under natural flow conditions and a cumulative volume of 30,000 barrels of oil was produced into storage.

According to the partners the pressure data supports significant connected oil volumes and confirms lateral reservoir continuity between the wells which is positive for the future development of the Amosing field.

Having completed the production testing, preparations are now underway for water injection tests into each of the five completed reservoir zones in Amosing-2A which will validate the viability of water flood reservoir management and the oil recovery assumptions for the Field Development Plan.

In the Ngamia field  located in the South Lokichar basin preparations for EWT are underway with multi zone completions having been installed in the Ngamia-8, Ngamia-3 and Ngamia-6 wells.

Initial rig-less flow testing during clean-up was encouraging at a combined maximum rate of 3,900 bopd and 1,740 bopd of 30 to 33 degree API oil for Ngamia-8 and Ngamia-3 with Ngamia-6 clean-up flow testing ongoing.

Currently the PR Marriott 46 rig is drilling the Ngamia-9 appraisal well having spudded in 13th June 2015. Following the completion of the appraisal the rig will then move to drill the Twiga-3 and Amosing-5 appraisal wells, completing the 2015 appraisal drilling activities.

Meanwhile the partners say plans are still underway to drill a basin testing exploration well at Cheptuket in Block 12A in the third quarter that will test a basin bounding structural closure in a similar structural setting to the successful discoveries along the western bounding rift basin fault in the South Lokichar basin.

On the export pipeline the two companies say they await a decision from the Governments of Uganda and Kenya regarding the route of the export pipeline with the Technical Consultant having submitted its final feasibility report in June that will enable the next phase of work on the pipeline to progress.

The two countries are yet to have a final decision as to where the pipeline will go through inside Kenya with on route being through Lokichar in Turkana with another more southern route that would reduce the overall distance also being considered.

The search for the builder for the pipeline running from Uganda’s Hoima region all the way to the Kenyan coast is set to commence in six months.

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