Tembo-1 Appraisal well Drilling planned for in 2018

Rovuma onshore block operator Wentworth Resources has said it plans to drill Tembo-1 appraisal well in 2018 in the latest operational update.

According to Wentworth Resources the reprocessing of approx. 1,000 km of existing seismic data is complete, interpretation is being finalized and results from the Tembo-1 discovery well have been fully analyzed.

The explorer is now working on advancing a farm-out process with a view to securing an industry partner to jointly drill the appraisal well after the departure of Anadarko, Maurel et Prom and Pttep on 31 August 2015.

Commencing the second half 2017, Wentworth had earlier said it planned to acquire a minimum of 500 km of new onshore 2D seismic data with the drilling of an appraisal well anticipated to occur in 2018 after the identification of a suitable drilling location based on the evaluation and integration of the new and existing seismic data.

The Tembo-1 well was drilled to a total depth of 4,553 metres into rocks of Upper Jurassic age. Natural gas and some condensate was recovered by modular formation dynamics testing (MDT) confirming the petro physical analysis of 11 meters of pay in sands of Cretaceous age.

Wentworth termed Tembo-1 as a milestone well for the Rovuma basin adding that an extensive amount of pertinent geologic data was collected which will have a significant impact on future exploration efforts in the basin.

Wentworth is the Operator of the Rovuma Onshore Concession with 85% participation interest while State owned Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH) retains a 15% participation interest as a carried partner through to the commencement of commercial operations.

Elsewhere in Tanzania Mnazi Bay Concession the company reports that it has received payment from Tanesco for five months of outstanding invoices as well as payment of TPDC which has settled in full the November 2016 and December 2016 invoices that were outstanding at the year end, and has also settled a 2015 invoice for line fill gas volumes. Combined cash receipts totalling $4.9m, net to Wentworth, have been primarily used to settle outstanding amounts that were due to the Operator, Maurel et Prom.

During Q1 2017 Wentworth Resources reports production averaged 43 MMscf/d within the previously guided range of 40 – 50 MMscf/d.During the period demand increased with commenced gas delivery to a new industrial customer, Goodwill Tile Factory demonstrating demand growth from the industrial sector which is expected to increase throughout 2017 as Dangote Cement begins using gas for power generation.

Maurel et Prom is the operator at the Mnazi Bay Concession with 48.06 percent interest while Wentworth has 31.94 percent and TPDC has 20 percent.

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