Anadarko Allocates $200M Towards Mozambique LNG Project

Anadarko Petroleum the operator in Mozambique Offshore Area 1 has said it has allocated approximately $200 million toward its LNG project, pre FID (final investment decision), for its’s portion of the costs … Read More

Anadarko Finalizes Marine Concessions with Mozambique for Offshore Area 1 project

Anadarko Petroleum has announced that it had finalized two agreements with the Government of Mozambique – together known as the “marine concessions” – which would allow it to design, build and operate the … Read More

Minimal Funding For Anadarko’s Mozambique LNG project in 2016

Mozambique offshore Area 1 operator Anadarko has said it will allocate just minimal expenditure even as it works towards a final investment decision for its LNG project in 2016 despite … Read More