Uganda to use international events to promote its First Licensing Round for Petroleum Exploration

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development has said it will be holding promotional Events for Uganda’s First Licensing Round for Petroleum Exploration, 2015.  Potential investors will receive presentations and … Read More

Uganda to train 600 students on oil and gas

The Ugandan government will award 600 scholarships to students from the resource rich Albertine region to train students in oil and gas courses following $28 million loan from the World … Read More

Can Uganda’s National Enviromental Management Authority Police Oil Companies?

Story by The Observer An investigation by The Observer has revealed that oil companies engage small and unlicensed companies to transport and dump oil waste, as a means of cutting … Read More

Infrastructure projects Uganda must undertake for quick oil production

[twitter-follow screen_name=’oilnewskenya’] Amid accusations from British explorer firm Tullow Oil that Uganda was dragging its feet in relation to becoming an oil producer the government is said to be pulling … Read More

Only shrewd investment of Uganda’s oil revenue will ensure intergenerational equity

[twitter-follow screen_name=’oilnewskenya’] Story by The Independent Investing wisely Uganda’s oil revenues in productive sectors of the economy will ensure future generations benefit from the country’s promising petroleum industry, a new … Read More