Swala Energy, Tullow Oil start 2D seismic in Kenya’s Lake Victoria region

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Swala Energy Limited has announced the 2D seismic acquisition programme in Block 12B, Kenya has commenced and is designed to identify the main structural lineation in the basins and has the potential to identify structural leads will be carried out by BGP International.

Swala and its Joint Venture partner Tullow Kenya will acquire approximately 350km of 2D seismic over the coming weeks and the data will be processed as the survey progresses with the option of follow‐up infill seismic and/or possible drilling.

Block 12B lies in the Neogene Nyanza basin, an off-shoot of the East African Rift System (EARS) where large quantities of oil have been proven in recent years by Tullow in Uganda and in Kenya thus the seismic data will be vital in determining the forward exploration programme in the block.

Although the basin has been under explored reprocessing of this data by Swala has revealed a possible Tertiary basin fill of over 3,000m, supported by Passive Seismic work carried out by the Joint Venture

Swala Energy says s that though the basin has been under explored to date, with only 50 km of low quality seismic data recorded in 1989, reprocessing of this data has revealed a possible Tertiary basin fill of over 3,000m, supported by Passive Seismic work carried out by the Joint Venture in 2013.

Dr. David Mestres Ridge, Swala’s CEO said ‘The start of the 12B seismic programme underlines the Joint Venture’s commitment to explore this frontier basin – an offshoot of the highly prospective East African Rift System. Our technical re-evaluation of the legacy seismic data is encouraging and we look forward to seeing the results of the seismic survey that has now commenced.’

Figure 2 shows one of the reprocessed 1989 lines together with an interpreted Depth to Basement Map generated from the 2012 gravity work and the 2013 Passive Seismic results. The seismic line lies along the edge of the basin. The new seismic lines will be acquired over the basin centre and over structural highs interpreted from the gravity work. The new data will be acquired using a high quality dynamite source compared with the very low impact vibrator source in 1989 and should provide a much better representation of the basin geometry and potential drilling candidates.2D

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