Supreme Industries introduces composite LPG cylinders into the Kenyan market

Supreme Industries of India has introduced  composite LPG cylinders which are made of a combination of plastic material on the interior and a fiber glass exterior in Kenya as the company seeks to expand into the region.

Among advantages of the composite cylinders over the more popular steel cylinders include that they are light, translucent and are explosion proof in case of a fire.

According to Shash Marketing  limited, the appointed distributor locally, the cylinders weigh just half as heavy as traditional cylinders and have a much longer life span as they are rust and moisture proof.

“We are working with marketers who will buy the cylinders for refilling on behalf of their clients. We believe that with proper consumer education people will trust our products and embrace them,” said Shivam.

The Indian manufacturer says the growing demand for LPG in the continent has attracted the company to the country.

Supreme Industries is a pioneer presence in the plastic Industry  for the past 4 decades and is one of the largest processors of plastic in India.  Supreme has unveiled many innovations in the form of products designed for consumer and industrial applications alike.

“We believe that advantages that the composite cylinders bring to consumers will lead to increased demand for our products,” said Vice president, composite division at Supreme Industries Khushwant Singh.

Singh adds that the Supreme type IV composite LPG Cylinder is a world class product that is being manufactured at the state of art production facility located in Halol Gujarat -India.

The technology to manufacture the cylinders is supported by German company Kautex Maschinebau which is among the six top companies globally supporting tjis technology

“High on our list when designing the cylinders is the safety aspect, we have ensured that even in case of a fire the cylinder our products will not explode as compared to steel cylinders that explode 5 minutes after exposure,” Kautex technology manager Siegfred Eckert told Oil News Kenya.

Other advantages of the cylinders include UV resistant outer casing, beautiful outer design, and are easily stackable with a recyclable housing unit.

Users wishing to have the new cylinders will need to top up on their existing steel cylinders before they can take them home

Other than in Kenya the composite cylinders have been adopted in a host of countries including India, South Korea, Norway, Venezuela and Germany.

They were speaking on the sidelines of the Africa LP Gas Summit 2014 which is ongoing in Nairobi.

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  1. In Norway, we have used the composit cylinders for many years now, and the lightweight, and design is much better than the rusty steel ones in all kind of colurs. No Incidents with them, they are safe and have a approved manufacturing process. I can recomend Composit higly.

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