Supporting East Africa’s Young Professionals: African Energy Chamber

The voice of young professionals in the energy industry in East Africa will present an important and timely discussion through a webinar hosted by the African Energy Chamber. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a seismic shift in the oil and gas sector and has brought into the fore the “great crew change”.

The African Energy Chamber webinar will give young Africans a voice in the energy sector and ensure that their views are heard and taken seriously. ‘It is important to listen to young professionals who represent the future of our industry in Africa and even globally’, said Elizabeth Rogo, President of the African Energy Chamber East Africa. “Africa has great talent and this is why we at the chamber believe that nations should put a particular focus on nurturing and developing this talent when seeking to further local content”, she continued.

In light of Covid-19 restrictions, positions that were, until recently, occupied by experienced international staff are now being filled by many young professionals who are proving to be more than up to the task.  It is expected that this trend will continue even post covid-19. The long term result will be a critical mass of talent in East Africa to fulfil the demands of its growing energy industry.

The rise of renewables, the impact of climate change campaigns, the scarcity of funding and investments are just some of the major hurdles forcing oil companies, in particular, to think strategically about increasing their participation in renewables and new technologically driven energy solutions – one that greatly attracts the youth.

The Post-COVID-19 environment will mean it will no longer be business as usual. Countries such as Kenya are already at the forefront in digital transformation and have an opportunity to incorporate these vital skill sets by providing access to opportunity for our youth that can no longer wait.

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