Spectrum ASA completes the acquisition of 2D seismic data offshore Somalia

Spectrum ASA has successfully completed the acquisition of 2D seismic data offshore south Somalia that commenced  5 th September, 2015 when Spectrum ASA and the Federal Government of Somalia entered into a Multi-client master cooperation agreement with the federal government.

According to Spectrum ASA the total number of sail line Kms acquired equates to 20,582.75 Km and was completed without any major incident.

The new acquisition will complement 20,000 km of existing seismic that was acquired in 2014 by Seabird Exploration under contract from oil explorer Soma Oil and Gas with the data placed in the Ministry’s data room in Mogadishu and will will allow the in-depth study of hydrocarbon prospectivity offshore Somalia.

In 2014 Seabird acquired over 20,500 km lines of 2D seismic data across a 114,000 sq km offshore evaluation area.

Soon Spectrum says it will start to process and interpret the data and and its findings will be announced by the Federal Government.

This effort will reveal the resources, whether oil or gas, hidden beneath the sea-floor of the Indian Ocean.

Furthermore, seven Somali geo-scientists participated on the acquisition of the data and trained on the ship excuting the seismic shooting. These trainees will go to Cairo, Egypt where they will further learn more on data processing and geologic interpretation at Spectrum’s centre there.

The seismic acquired by BGP includes Shell & Exxon’s Force Majeure acreage covering more of shallow water to ultra deep ocean and will be an infill of Soma’s survey.

The seismic did however exclude Jorra block in the south and stopped at Puntland to the North.

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