Special training in offing for oil, gas stakeholders in Tanzania

Story by Tanzania Daily News

Oil and gas stakeholders in the country will soon benefit from a special course organised by the MDT International Company, in collaboration with Calderbag International Energy Corporation.

Speaking to reporters in Dar es Salaam, the MDT International Director Douglas Reid, said the course is already being implemented in some parts of the country.

Reid said the main of the special course is to enable stakeholders in the oil and gas sector understand better the technicalities of the business.

“It is an advantage for you if you happen to be a stakeholder in the sector to understand in detail what is exactly involved in oil and gas, so that in case someone asks you for more details you can be able to explain in depth,” he said.

He added that the MDT has a vast history in the oil and gas sector, which spans over 20 years, therefore they have all the reasons to be proud because they are doing something which they have experience with.

Apollo Temu, one of the officials at Calderbag International said that expenses of the course vary, depending solely on the needs of those who will undergo the training.

The training is currently in progress and is being implemented in groups depending on the needs of the trainees and in Dar es Salaam they are being conducted at the Double Tree Hotel.

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