Sercel Delivers Additional 508XT System in North Africa

Sercel is pleased to announce the sale and imminent delivery of a 60,000-channel 508XT land acquisition system and 25 VE464 advanced digital vibrator control sets to a major North African geophysical services provider.

The equipment will be deployed on a 3D mega-crew project in harsh terrain and desert conditions in North Africa and further strengthens Sercel’s well-established presence in this region.

With its flexible design, the 508XT solution can adapt to any field configuration and conditions, from small to mega-crew projects in desert, arctic, forest, agricultural, urban and transition zones. The VE464 control system uses the most advanced technology to provide the highest levels of control and accuracy. When used in combination with 508XT unprecedented levels of production can be achieved.

Emmanuelle Dubu, Sercel CEO, said: “This contract is the latest in a long series of awards highlighting our strong collaboration with our client and positioning our 508XT system as the benchmark for seismic surveys in North Africa. By delivering both the highest productivity and highest-quality data without compromise, the 508XT and VE464 systems are perfectly suited to support clients in achieving the clearest images of the subsurface in the region.”

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