Activity in the upstream oil and gas sector has slowed down in the past three years to an ultimate halt in 2020 largely affected by cash strapped explorers, red tape in renewal if licenses and of course the COVID-19 pandemic. As of 2019 when only one well was drilled in Kenya in the Lamu Basin Block L4 by Zarara Oil and Gas one well is expected offshore unless the government hastens negotiations for renewal or extensions to expired licenses.

The outlook thus paints a dull  picture for the upstream oil and gas sector in Kenya in 2021 with boardroom negotiations continuing as partners in the south Lokichar basin headed for the development phase and a delayed date for FID and first oil.


The Kenya Upstream Outlook 2021/2022 provides a forecast for expected activity for the next 12 months, this forecast may change due to political, financial, disputes and change in planned activity by the operators, partners and government agencies.

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