Petroleum Authority of Uganda joins the DANR Hub

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) which monitors and regulates the exploration, development, and production, together with the refining, gas conversion, transportation, and storage of petroleum in Uganda, has joined the Data as a National Resource (DANR) hub. The PAU joins the Petroleum Agency of South Africa, SKK Migas, the North Sea Transition Authority, and the National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator as early adopters and supporters of the DANR initiative.

Powered by the PPDM Association, DANR was launched last year to support established and emerging economies in leveraging successes and experiences from other areas. DANR aims to bring together regulators, National Oil Companies (NOC), National Data Repositories, and technology and service providers to collaborate, share experiences, and access training and resources.

“The PAU, which has been a member of the PPDM Association since 2019 is proud be part of the DANR Hub and congratulates the PPDM for this new initiative. The Authority set up a state-of-the-art ICT data centre in 2021. This data centre is part of the National Petroleum Data Repository infrastructure, which will include a Real-Time Monitoring Centre (RTMC), a disaster recovery facility, and a seismic data transcription facility among others. We, therefore, look forward to benefiting from the various DANR resources and events to improve how we manage our data at the PAU,’’ said Ernest Rubondo, the Executive Director of the PAU.

“It’s a great pleasure to welcome the Petroleum Authority of Uganda to the DANR community. Our community is dedicated to providing practical support for managing data as a national strategic resource through information sharing, research, training and networking. We hope that as the DANR community grows we will realise even more benefits to the PAU,” said Trudy Curtis, CEO of the PPDM Association, the organization heading DANR.

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