National Oil to Commence 2D Seismic in Kenya’s Block 14T in October

Block 14T operator the state owned National Oil Corporation of Kenya is set to commence 2D seismic in October with scouting activity on where to set up camp already ongoing.

The 2D seismic to be carried by Chinese geophysical service company BGP Kenya in Kajiado county follows earlier activity in the clock that include 20,000 line km of Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) data in 2010 with the aim of deriving a basement structure map, delineate fault-bonded anticlinal structures and horst blocks, map tertiary fault systems and map volcanic (and perhaps salt structures if any are present locally).

The FTG by Fugro Airbone Services according to former National Oil Managing director Sumayya Athmani was after a gas seepage geochemical study.

“We have already exceeded our work operation requirements having acquired geological studies, surface geological mapping, ground gravity data, 2D survey as well as a Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry one of the very few that have been carried out in the country,” Athmani told OilNews on the sidelines of the local content convection held June 2014.

The company has already also carried out a 500 kilometer 2D seismic in the Northern part of the block. Status of an earlier planned 3D seismic remains unknown.

The company says it plans to drill Kenya’s first indigenous well from a 100% local company and has already entered into an agreement with the Geothermal development company to offer joint oil and gas drilling services in Kenya and the region the first of its kind partnership that will see the two state agencies jointly bid and undertake drilling activities by leveraging on their individual and collective technical expertise..

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