NAMIBIA: ReconAfrica Completes 2D Seismic in the Kavango Basin

Reconnaissance Energy Africa  and its joint venture partner NAMCOR have announced the completion of the first seismic acquisition program ever conducted in the Kavango Basin, in northeast Namibia.

The seismic program comprises 450 linear kilometres of high quality 2D seismic data
which was acquired within budget and on schedule. 150,000 human-hours were utilized
during the campaign, of which 80% were Namibian nationals recruited nationally and,
predominantly, from local communities.

“We are very proud to have successfully completed this program, which is the first seismic program conducted in the Kavango Basin. Importantly, the program was conducted without accidents or adverse safety incidents to our employees and contractors. We have also been very successful in protecting the health of our workers despite conducting the campaign during the Covid-19 global pandemic”, said Shiraz Dhanani, lead Geophysicist.

During his long career working on five continents, Shiraz has conducted seismic
operations worldwide with BP and ExxonMobil. A significant part of his professional life
has been focused on oil and gas exploration in Africa.

The seismic data processing contract was awarded to Down Under Geophysical in
Houston, Texas and Absolute Imaging in Calgary, Alberta in June of 2021. These two
leading geophysical companies were selected to process the data simultaneously in order
to capture best practices in the industry and maximize the quality of structural imaging.
The processing of all seismic data and comprehensive interpretation is expected to be
finalized by early December.

Shiraz Dhanani went on to state; “ReconAfrica has successfully drilled two important
stratigraphic wells that clearly established the presence of a working petroleum system
and conventional reservoirs. With the successful completion of this seismic program,
ReconAfrica intends to commence a multi-well drilling campaign in early Q1, 2022,
targeting seismically defined traps and conventional reservoirs already encountered in
the stratigraphic wells.”

ReconAfrica acknowledges the outstanding contribution made by Polaris Natural
Resources Inc, of Calgary, Alberta, the principal seismic acquisition contractor, to the
success of this seismic campaign.

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