Nairobi Set To Host Forum To Address Gender Gap In The Energy And Extractives Sector

Nairobi has been picked alongside other global cities to host the 2nd HERWorld Energy Forum. A global think tank that seeks to address the gender gap in the energy and extractives sector as the world marks International Women’s Day.

The event set for 8th March which is being hosted by Women in Energy and Extractives Africa (WEX) alongside Pink Petro under the theme “The Next Era of Energy: Lean In, All In, Join In” brings together energy professionals who care about the future of the energy industry and are open to new perspectives.  #HERWORLD17’s main stage will be in Houston, Texas and will be live and broadcasting in between the 15 different cities participating this year: Denver, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, Anchorage, London, Florence, Aberdeen, The Hague, Dubai and Nairobi, Kenya which is serving as the hub for Africa.

“Kenya is honored to serve as the hub for Africa in this global event and recognize the challenges in the energy & extractive sectors must be analysed from a geo-political standpoint. As a woman living in Africa working with and for African women to be able to sit at the table when it comes to the entire energy value chain, HERWorld is imperative as we showcase women setting the pace in this sector. The energy challenges from a Sub-Saharan Africa(SSA) standpoint lie in its access, generation, production, management and distribution,” Lucky Ogutu Okudo, CEO and Founder, Women in Energy and Extractives Africa (WEX) explained.

“East Africa countries are preparing to emerge as petroleum producers and exporters in a world that is currently shifting towards cleaner more efficient energies with the energy transition. We cannot allow women to not be apart of the conversation as they have in the past.  Challenges are on countries now as to how to attract investment and remain competitive regionally. #HERWorld17 gives us the opportunity to discuss the state of the global economy and the impacts from a woman perspective as for the first time in Kenya in a male-dominated industry our panels are 75% women; putting to shame the 30% gender rule. This event further signifies the world’s belief in harnessing women’s power to drive change and the immense amount of potential we have to change the continent.” She added.

The Nairobi event will feature a wide range of speakers from the classroom to the C-Suite and is inclusive of external industry perspectives. The key speaker for the occasion is Eke Ugbaga Eke former Vice President and Group Managing Director of Schlumberger Oilfield Services, West Africa and CEO of the SpringRock Group as he shares his experience within the oil and gas industry over the last 25 years.

The event will feature panel discussions touching on topics around: Leaning into the Energy Transition and the NextGen Skillbuilding, the Fourth Industrial Revolution & Digital Transformation, Managing Career Transition & Attracting the NextGeneration and a Call to End the Gender Gap in the industry.

A total of twenty-three speakers from various diverse backgrounds are expected at the event include:

Brian Muriuki (Country Head of SHELL)

Susan Munyori (Local Content Tullow Oil)

Jacinta Okwaro (UNWomen Extractive Advisor for East and Southern Africa)

Dr. Connie Martinon – Mumma – Total E&P

“The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the systemic changes it will usher in emphasize more than ever the critical need for collaborative engagement around energy. The industry, as a whole, is entering the dawn of a new era of transition and transformation and we couldn’t be happier to partner with WEX Africa,” said Katie Mehnert Foundere & CEO, PINK PETRO)

An exciting partnership between  WEX Africa and Pink Petro will be also be announced enabling WEX Africa members to join and be a part of the number 1 Women Global Petroleum Club: Pink Petro for FREE.

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