MSC Group Completes Acquisition of Bolloré Africa Logistics Group

Bolloré SE has announced the completion of the sale to the MSC Group of 100% of Bolloré Africa Logistics on 21st December 2022, comprising all of the Bolloré Group transport and logistics activities in Africa, on the basis of a 5.7 billion euro enterprise value, net of minority interests.

MSC’s acquisition of Bolloré Africa Logistics SAS and its affiliates (Bolloré Africa Logistics Group) highlights the long-term commitment of MSC to invest in African supply chains and infrastructure, supporting the needs of clients of both businesses.

MSC reiterates that it will operate Bolloré Africa Logistics Group as an autonomous entity with its portfolio of diversified partners, under a new brand to be unveiled in 2023. Philippe Labonne will continue his longstanding role at the helm of the business as President of Bolloré Africa Logistics.
MSC intends to continue enhancing the continent’s connectivity with the rest of the world and enable trade within Africa amid the implementation of the continental free trade (AfCFTA). Backed by MSC Group’s financial strength and operational expertise, Bolloré Africa Logistics will be able to meet all its commitments to governments, particularly regarding port concessions.

MSC Group President Diego Aponte said:

“We are delighted to welcome more than 21,000 new colleagues to the MSC family through our acquisition of Bolloré Africa Logistics. I wish to thank the Bolloré family, and Cyrille in particular, for having conducted the transaction in a smooth and efficient way and I congratulate them for having created such a well-established business.

The deal will strengthen MSC’s longstanding ties with Africa and will reinforce our commitment to the continent’s economic growth, including investment in the ships, shipyards, container terminals, logistic solutions, storage facilities, road and rail networks that will support and enhance trade across the African continent and with the rest of the world. Our strategy remains rooted in our values and in our long-term vision that protects over 150,000 employees in 155 countries worldwide.”

The Bolloré Group says will remain strongly involved in Africa, notably through Canal+, and will also continue to develop on this continent its activities in many fields such as communications, entertainment, telecommunications and publishing.

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