Mozambique hosts the 3rd Gas Summit

Maputo City hosted from November 30 to December 2, the 3rd Gas Summit called “Mozambique Gas Summit”, which, among several subjects, debated topics related to the general vision of the national and global energy market, as well as issues surrounding local content.

The summit was co-hosted by the CWC and the National Hydrocarbons Company (ENH) brought together the world’s leading natural gas industry leaders, including representatives from governments, industry operators, investors, distributors and buyers.

Speaking to Conference participants, the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Letícia Klemens, presented the current stage of the gas projects in Mozambique and the international market with reference to the progress achieved mainly in Area 4 of the Rovuma Basin.

“We are very pleased with the information recently given by the company and the National Hydrocarbons Company (ENH) regarding the approval of the investment plan for the Coral South project, and we hope this year for the final investment decision (FID) of the Project Of FLNG, “said the Minister.

Regarding the consortium, which will operate the Rovuma Basin Area 1 natural gas, the Minister said that the Government expects to finalize the contracts with it, in order to create conditions for the development of the project.

Despite the difficult state of the oil sector, marked by low prices and oversupply, Mozambique is a very sought after country, according to Klemens, who pointed to the race that took place in the fifth competition for the licensing of new research areas of hydrocarbons launched in 2014 as an example of the interest of multinational oil companies across the country.

In turn, ENH’s PCA, Omar Mithá, speaking on the panel on infrastructure development said that Mozambique, because of its privileged geographical location and the infrastructure that can be built, can be a driving force to solve the energy problems of the Southern Africa region.

“Based on Mozambique’s major gas discoveries, our vision is that the country could be a key catalyst in the Southern Africa region by leveraging on its geographic location and its experience not only from an energy standpoint but also from transport angle. We believe that we are in a position to make Palma’s infrastructures, such as the pipeline, not only serve our country but also the neighboring countries, mainly neighboring South that despite having large projects from the energy point of view still has large deficits.”

The Conference also discussed the development of local content and the country’s gas-based industrialization mechanisms for the domestic market. Tavares Martinho, Director of the Research and Production Sector (PPP) of ENH, spoke about the country’s experience of internal gas use since 1992, in the northern region of Inhambane, to generation of energy and use in homes benefiting about 1700 users of natural gas.

“It is this experience that we want to bring to Maputo city, taking into account the consumption index.” We want to contribute to the reduction of LPG imports and to see the local industry, hospitals, hotels and population use the gas. Gas from the Mozambique Basin as well as from the Rovuma Basin,” Martinho said.

Regarding local content, Amad Valy, ENHL Operations Manager, emphasized the importance of involving Mozambican entrepreneurs in the entire natural gas value chain through partnerships / associations with foreign companies already experienced in the sector.

Valy also spoke of the need for Mozambicans to prepare to seize opportunities to provide goods and services to industry, particularly in the area of ​​logistics support to operations. According to the Valy, the Food, accommodation, catering, transportation and construction areas are some of the areas that Mozambican businessmen can bet to seize the opportunities of this sector.

The Mozambique Gas Summit conference was attended by about 400 delegates, both nationals and foreigners.

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