Media Council of Kenya to start training journalist on extractives sector

The Media Council of Kenya with support from the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) has rolled out media capacity building and public access to information on the extractive industry in Kenya. This is in pursuit of its mandate to improve media performance through topical interventions on national development issues.

The trainings and community outreach is part of the planned elaborate activities aimed at enhancing the capacity of the media has to play a substantive role and enable Kenyans to reap the benefits from the extractive industry as provided for by law.

For the media to effectively play its watchdog role, the Council feels that they must be well equipped and given knowledge to do a more in depth, investigative approach to coverage of the extractive sector.

The interventions come premised on the fact that as influential sources of information for the public, the media can guide perceptions on activities regarding the environment and natural resources within communities.

Through the media, local communities can be informed on matters concerning natural resources around them, thus empowering them to effectively play their role in the implementation of local content.

Trainings for media practitioners are planned in several cities including: Kwale, Kitui,  and Naivasha.

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