Libya PM ENi CEO Meet in Tripoli

Abdulhamid Dbeibah, newly appointed Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity of Libya, and Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni, met in Tripoli today to discuss Eni’s activities in the country and areas of common interest and collaboration in the fields of renewable energy, circular economy, social projects, access to health and to energy, education and professional training. The meeting was also attended by Mohamed Oun, freshly appointed Minister of Oil and Gas.

Claudio Descalzi confirmed to the Prime Minister Eni’s full commitment regarding operational activities and projects in the Country, focusing on natural gas, a strategic resource for Eni in its energy transition and for Libya, being it vital to sustain an expected growth of the domestic electricity demand while reducing the use of sources with a higher carbon impact. Eni is the main gas producer in Libya and the main supplier of gas to the local market with a share of about 80%. The company will continue to play a major role in gas production thanks to the new relevant offshore development projects like Structures A&E, Bouri Gas Utilization and Sabratha Compression.

The CEO of Eni and the Prime Minister discussed the opportunities to be developed in the country with regard to the renewable energy sector, which would be an answer to the more electrical power needs of the population without increasing local hydrocarbon consumption and CO2 emissions.

The Prime Minister expressed his appreciation for the historical and strategic partnership praising Eni for his active role as leading player in the energy sector  and,  in the new context of greater stability, he encouraged the company to promote new investments and to maintain its commitment in the social area providing constant support to the population in the health and education sectors, and more recently in the electricity generation sector and for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eni continued to operate and invest, despite recent years challenges, also thanks to the support of the state company NOC, an Eni’s historical partner. The company is ready to continue to develop the Libyan huge reserves already discovered while enhancing its important exploration potential.

Eni has been present in Libya since 1959 and is in a joint venture with the state company NOC. The company is the leading international hydrocarbon producer in the country.

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