LIBYA: NOC Discusses Waha Oil Company Exploration Program

In continuation of the annual joint technical meetings between the National Oil Corporation ( NOC) and its subsidiaries, the Exploration department of the NOC held an extensive meeting with its counterparts from Waha Oil Company.

The meeting held at the NOC’s exploration program and facilitation of its implementation processes, the targeted program for 2023, which the company intends to achieve to increase oil and gas production rates, and the discussion of the proposed budget to achieve the targets.

The meeting also touched on the division of the company’s exploratory programs for the year 2022, the identification of the executive position of the works under completion and the discussion of the difficulties it may face and ways to overcome them to achieve its objectives.

The meeting was attended by the NOCs exploration manager Abdel Moneim Battikh, his technical team Waha’s Exploration manager Mahmoud Shabik, several technicians of the relevant department, and through closed circles, representatives of the foreign partner.

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