Kenya’s Block 12B Seismic due in Mid-June

Results on the 350km of 2D seismic acquisition carried out by BGP International on Block 12B located on the Nyanza Rift are expected in the coming days according to a shareholder presentation by Swala Energy earlier this week.

The seismic will then open the way to identifying structures for future drilling on the block with preliminary results indicating potential intra-basin structures as well as a deep basin with possible sediment fill down to around 3,000 m at the edge of the basin.

This corresponds with gravity and magnetic data collected in 2012 that supported the view that the Nyanza Rift is underlain by a sedimentary basin of up to two to three kilometers thick.

Block 12B lies in the Neogene Nyanza basin, an off-shoot of the East African Rift System (EARS) where large quantities of oil have been proven in recent years by Tullow in Uganda and in Kenya thus the seismic data will be vital in determining the forward exploration programme in the block.

The basin has been largely under explored to date, with only 50 km of low quality seismic data recorded in 1989.

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