Kenyan Cabinet Secretaries Commit to African Energy Week in Cape Town

In a recent move to position East-Africa as an attractive investment destination, Kenya has joined a myriad of African ministers from across the continent, including regional neighbors Somalia and South Sudan, coming to Cape Town for the highly anticipated African Energy Week (AEW) 2021. Official speaker confirmations made by Hon. Charles Keter, Cabinet Secretary for Energy for Kenya’s Ministry of Energy, and Hon. John Munyes, Cabinet Secretary for Kenya’s Ministry of Petroleum and Mining, reaffirm AEW 2021’s standing as the official meeting place for African energy decision makers, with Kenyan opportunities being showcased to global stakeholders in Cape Town.

Under Hon. Keter’s leadership, the Ministry has made significant progress in creating an enabling environment, not only regarding efficient operations in the sector, but international investment. As Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Hon. Keter has been committed to providing a clean, sustainable, affordable, reliable, secure and high-quality energy for enhanced national development. Driving projects that contribute towards universal access to electricity, transmission and infrastructure development, and the accelerated generation of power, Hon. Keter aims to advance Kenya’s energy sector while ensuring tangible benefits for the local population. In line with the Kenya Vision 2030 – a development plan to position the country as a globally competitive and prosperous nation – Hon. Keter views energy as one of the infrastructure enablers for the transformation into an industrialized economy.

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