KENYA: NOCK to Host the 2022 East Africa Energy, Oil & Gas Summit as EAOGS this November

The National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOC Kenya) will host the 7th edition of the East Africa Energy, Oil & Gas Summit & Exhibition (EAOGS), the leading event for the region, which will take place from 15-17 November at the Radisson Blu hotel in Nairobi, Kenya as part of a long-term MOU agreement with international events organiser GEP.

Since its inception ten years ago, EAOGS has been bringing regional, international and domestic businesses from across the public and private sectors together as the new emerging oil and gas countries in East Africa have been developing their hydrocarbon potential. This has seen huge gas projects underway in Mozambique and Tanzania, billions of dollars of investment opportunities unlocked from the final investment decision in Uganda and the encouraging progress in Kenya’s field development plan.

Driven under NOC Kenya and the EAOGS steering committee’s guidance, the 2022 conference programme will reflect on the progress of these, and other projects and opportunities present across the region, with a significant focus on the energy transition. This is directly in line with the progress and values of the sector and has also been reflected in the development of the new East Africa Energy, Oil & Gas Summit brand.

Other core focuses on the programme will centre around local content and engaging the community, legal frameworks and regulations, investment, the digital transformation and the geopolitical impact on the industry and the region. In addition, there will be a special showcase exhibition and awards ceremony.

EAOGS regularly attracts over 400 delegates with support and participation from regional governments and National Oil Companies, all major companies and private sector organisations through the East Africa region and internationally.

Leparan Gideon Ole Morintat, Chief Executive Officer, National Oil Corporation of Kenya commented;
“Given the recent significant industry developments, we see huge opportunities for our international and national partners and for the development of our natural resource wealth for the benefit for all and ensuring that East Africa’s energy needs are met. We believe in the importance of attracting foreign investment while promoting local entrepreneurship and capacity building and the important role of EAOGS in providing a
much-needed platform to facilitate this.”

He added; The 7th edition of the East Africa Energy, Oil & Gas Summit is going to be the right platform to discuss the continent’s perspective of readiness for the energy transition and to discuss the effect of the global pressure to decarbonise on the development of the current hydrocarbon projects that are widely considered critical for the improvement of the lives and livelihoods of African country’s citizens.

“The timing of this 7th edition of the East Africa Energy Oil & Gas Summit could not be more appropriate and we invite you to support our event, to support us and to support the region of East Africa and share in our development and prosperity.”

The East Africa Energy, Oil & Gas Summit & Exhibition will take place from 15-17 November at the Radisson Blu hotel in Nairobi.

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