International companies operating in Kenya and the oil blocks awarded

Source:Ministry of Energy and Petroleum


Block No. Basin Name
Afren/Lion 1 Mandera
Afren/EAX L17/L18 Lamu Offshore
Simba Petroleum 2A Mandera
Lion Petroleum 2B Mandera
Vanoil Resources 3A/3B Anza
Africa Oil 9 Anza
Tullow Oil/Africa Oil 10A Anza
Tullow Oil/Africa Oil 10BA/10BB/12A/13T Tertiary Rift
Tullow Oil/Swala Energy 12B Tertiary Rift
ERHC 11A Tertiary Rift
Adamantine 11B Tertiary Rift
NOCK 14T Tertiary Rift
A – Z Petroleum L1A/L3 Lamu Onshore
CAMAC Energy L1B Lamu Onshore
CAMAC Energy L16 Lamu Offshore
CAMAC Energy L27/L28 Lamu Deep Offshore
Imara Energy L2 Lamu Onshore
Zarara/SOHI Gas L4 Lamu Onshore
Zarara/SOHI Gas L13 Lamu Offshore
Anadarko/Total/Cove L5/L7/L11A/L11B/L12 Lamu Offshore
Flow Energy/Origin Energy L6 Lamu Offshore
Apache L8 Lamu Offshore
Ophir/Dominion Petroleum L9/L15 Lamu Offshore
BG Group L10A/L10B Lamu Offshore
Lamu Exploration L14 Lamu Onshore
Rift Energy L19 Lamu Onshore
Pacific Seaboard Investments L20 Lamu Onshore
ENI L21/L23/L24 Lamu Deep Offshore
Total L22 Lamu Deep Offshore
OPEN BLOCKS L25/L26 Lamu Deep Offshore


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