Inaugural Nigeria Oil, Gas & Power Conference Set for Lagos in 2021

With incredible potential for gas-to-power, LNG and downstream diversification to power Nigeria’s economy in the long-term, the first-ever Nigeria Oil, Gas & Power (NOGP) Conference & Exhibition, held in Lagos on 26-27 October 2021, will focus on the path forward for Africa’s largest economy post COVID-19 — with an emphasis on gas monetization and power generation.

“As the largest holder of proven natural gas reserves in Africa, and the ninth-largest holder in the world, Nigeria has an incredible role to play in the development and monetization of natural gas on the entire African continent,” said James Chester, Acting CEO of Africa Oil & Power. “Despite these incredible gas reserves, however, Nigeria has long struggled to harness its gas potential, with consistent flaring and underdeveloped reserves. With 55 percent of Nigerians lacking access to electricity, the time to get serious about gas-to-power is now.”

Following the Year of Gas in Nigeria, NOGP 2021 will bring gas and power generation to the forefront of the conversation as a solution for economic development and diversification, job creation and building a sustainable future for all Africans. The conference will also highlight the marginal fields licensing round held in 2020, bringing new entrants to the market to the table. As indigenous companies and internationals alike seek financing and survival strategies to combat low oil prices and economic fallout, making deals will be crucial for 2021.

“The conference will welcome investors from China, India, the US, the Americas and Europe who are looking for bankable projects and partners in Nigeria and across the continent. Those investors want to get deals done,” Chester said.

NOGP will feature top government officials, leaders in the international energy industry and the key actors in the Nigerian energy industry and international investors for three days of networking, deal-making, training and vital discussions on the future of the energy sector and the Nigerian economy.

NOGP 2021 is a proud participant in the Equalby30 initiative, which aims for equal participation of women in the energy sector by 2030.

“Nigeria has a long history in the petroleum sector but we look forward to highlighting and celebrating women in energy,” said Kelly Mealia, Chairperson of Africa Oil & Power. “The conference will also feature high-level and mid-level training opportunities, as Africa Oil & Power highlights and encourages capacity-building throughout Africa.”

Panel discussions, presentations and debates will highlight the reorganization and de-risking of Nigeria’s power generation sector; opportunities in renewables; flaring and upstream opportunities in gas; gas monetization strategies and downstream diversification, as well capacity-building. NOGP 2021 is the ideal platform for policymakers, investors and dealmakers to map out the future of Nigeria’s energy sector and get deals done.

Nigeria Oil, Gas & Power 2021 joins a series of country-specific and industry-wide conferences organized by Africa Oil & Power throughout the continent, including in Angola, Gabon, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, South Sudan and Mozambique. 

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