Essel Engages Sproule To Update New Resource Estimate On Block 2A, Kenya

Simba Essel Energy has announced that its partner – Essel Group Middle East (EGME) has contracted the services of Sproule International Limited to complete 2D seismic interpretation services, a prospective resource estimate, and an updated NI 51-101 report for block 2A in Wajir, Kenya.

The scope of work involves an update of Sproule’s Block 2A interpretation study conducted in May 2012, along with the inclusion of approximately 535 km of new 2D seismic data that was recently acquired.

Sproule have completed extensive research on the East Africa Rift Systems and have already interpreted all available seismic and well data in the region surrounding Block 2A. By using advanced geophysical software to integrate Simba’s new 2D seismic acquisition along with Simba’s Full Tensor Gravity (FTG) data and Passive Seismic (“IPDS”) data and other historical data Sproule will build upon the existing 2D seismic interpretation project with the additional new data.

The main objectives and desired scope of the updated report includes:

  • Seismic interpretation on new and legacy seismic lines, including integration with earlier results from FTG and Passive Seismic (IPDS) results.
  • Identification, evaluation and estimation of volumetrics for all structural leads in the Block.
  • Ranking of all the identified leads, risk analysis and final integrated report including an independent reserve evaluation in accordance with NI 51-101.

The operator has signalled that it hopes to drill a well in the block this year with the 2D seismic expected to narrow down leads for prospective driling sites

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