Italian oil and gas company ENI, also a partner of the National Hydrocarbon Company, ENH, launched the hull of its Coral South FLNG unit at Samsung’s Geoje shipyard in South Korea.

Once completed, the FLNG unit will be deployed in the ENI reservoir in area 4 off the coast of Mozambique and will be used to produce 450 billion cubic meters of gas found in the reservoir.

ENI said last Tuesday that the launch marked the timely progress of the project, “which exceeds 60% completion and is in line with the start of production in 2022”.

The hull, launched last Tuesday, is 432 meters long, 66 meters wide and weighs approximately 140,000 tons. The first steel for the hull was cut in September 2018, its accommodation module, which will house up to 350 people, is also ready to be lifted and integrated into the hull system, ENI said.

The FLNG unit will have a gas liquefaction capacity of 3.4 million tons per year (MTPA) and will be the first FLNG deployed in deep water, at a depth of approximately 2,000 meters. Although not the first FLNG operational unit in Africa, the unit will be the first purpose built FLNG in Africa.

Commenting on the launch of the Coral South hull, Adriano Mongini, ENI’s executive vice president in the West Africa region, said that “the launch of the Coral South FLNG hull is a milestone made possible by the commitment of ENI, its partners of area 4, Mozambican contractors and authorities, we believe that Coral Sul is a pioneering project that will trigger new developments and new investments. ”

Source: ENH Mozambique

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