CGG Geosoftware Speeds Interpretation Of Reservoirs In Complex Environments

CGG GeoSoftware has launched a new version of InsightEarth®, its software suite which accelerates 3D visualization and interpretation. High-impact improvements in structural and stratigraphic interpretation capabilities enable oil and gas company interpretation teams to deliver more accurate interpretations with fewer people in less time.

They can now generate powerful outcomes quickly with much faster workflows to re-work legacy datasets for missed opportunities.

InsightEarth version 3.0.2 offers significantly improved Advanced Fault Enhancement tools for easier measuring of angles, dips, and strikes in real time, producing on-the-spot answers for quick decisions. Users can create projects more quickly with fewer steps and easily access visible windows during each stage.

CGG Insight Earth imageCustomizable color bars allow the user to quickly view and understand the value range within volumes. New stratigraphic interpretation capabilities pinpoint areas of interest, streamlining collaboration within interpretation teams and yielding greater geological knowledge from seismic data.

“InsightEarth’s sheer interpretation power and point-and-click convenience relieve interpreters of tedious and repetitive activities so they can spend valuable time evaluating fields and plays and validating findings. InsightEarth enables geoscientists to finalize comprehensive interpretations quickly so that they can see the true paleo-depositional environment for the most astute and accurate drilling recommendations without straining interpretation resources. With InsightEarth at their command, they can execute workflows in minutes that take days on other packages,” says Senior Vice President, GeoSoftware, CGG Kamal al-Yahya.

CGG GeoSoftware provides the industry’s preferred comprehensive set of software products and support for E&P multi-disciplinary teamwork. High-end, cross-product workflows enable a better understanding of reservoir properties and how they evolve through the life of the field.

GeoSoftware helps reduce reservoir risk and uncertainty in seismic reservoir characterization, velocity modeling, advanced interpretation, petrophysics, rock physics, AVO, and geological modeling. The GeoSoftware portfolio includes HampsonRussell, Jason, InsightEarth, PowerLog, EarthModel FT and VelPro.

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