Can You Rig It? – Work And Life On An Oil Rig

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work on an oil rig? We have. Recent movies such as deep water horizon make it seem pretty tough, but is it really that bad?
In this piece, we break it down by first looking at how to actually land a job on an oil rig. We then take you through all the different types of jobs on-board as well as the two main types of rig. Then we explore what it’s like to live on-board, covering where rig workers sleep, eat, hang out etc.
Finally, we delve into how dangerous life on a rig can be, with stats and graphs as well as some common hazards you need to be wary of if you ever find yourself on-board an oil rig.
So, take a look and see if YOU could work and live on an oil rig.
Can You Rig It? – Work And Life On An Oil Rig by Fuel Fighter.


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