Bowleven’s oil exploration survey in Kenya’s Block 11B encouraging

Bowleven plc an independent exploration and development company with interest in Kenya and Cameroon has announced that it a survey carried over block 11B shows positive signs.

A communication from the company today said it had almost completed the airborne geophysical survey (FTG) over Block 11B is now largely complete and initial findings were that there was the presence of geological basins.

“The high quality, high resolution dataset indicates the presence of a number of geological basins and provides clear imaging of primary structural features, facilitating a targeted 2D seismic programme. Planning for seismic operations and the associated tender process are ongoing. “

According to the company the next step is the acquisition of seismic which will commence in 2014.

Bowleven CEO Kevin Hart says the company was happy with the results so far.

“We are also pleased that Block 11B continues to provide very encouraging results and we look forward to the commencement of the seismic programme,” he said.

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