ANGOLA: Eni Inaugurates an Extension Unit on the Luanda Refinery

Thenew platforming unit of the Refinery of Luanda was inaugurated today, under the presence of the President of the Republic Dr. João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço and of Eni Natural Resources Chief Operating Officer Guido Brusco, in representation of Eni CEO Claudio Descalzi, among representatives of the central Government and of Sonangol. This marks the completion of Eni’s project for the expansion and modernization of the Refinery of Luanda.

Additionally, Eni and Sonangol signed a Memorandum of Understanding to give continuity to the support to expansion and modernization activities the refinery of Luanda.

The expansion and modernization project aimed at increasing fourfold the Refinery’s gasoline production capacity to 450 thousand tons per year. Also, as part of the project, the Combined Cycle has been rehabilitated so as to be fed by hydrogen produced by the new Platforming unit, and power is now produced recycling gas with a net reduction of pollutant emissions.

Eni COO, Natural Resources, Guido Brusco commented that “The successful completion of this project is a further demonstration of the long and fruitful strategic partnership between Sonangol and Eni. The Refinery of Luanda can count on Eni’s commitment to continue supporting future possible expansion and modernization efforts”.

The modernization and expansion project is based on a commitment taken by Eni with the Government of Angola, and leverages Eni’s know-how and expertise and its long cooperation with Sonangol. The project has had a positive impact in job generation and provided training opportunities for over 100 employees of Sonangol who benefitted from training by Eni in Milan, Sannazzaro, Livorno, Taranto and Luanda.

Eni has been present in Angola since 1980. Currently, the company operates Blocks 15/06, Cabinda Norte, Cabinda Centro, 1/14, 28 and soon New Gas Consortium (NGC), and has in addition a stake in non-operated Blocks 0 (Cabinda), 3/05, 3/05A, 14, 14 K/A-IMI, 15 and also in the Angola LNG.

In March 2022, Eni signed an agreement with bp to form a joint venture company called Azule Energy, combining both companies’ businesses in Angola. The MoU that was signed today will be supported by Azule Energy after the Completion Date of the transaction, subject to the occurrence of Completion and the obtaining of clearance from the antitrust authorities.

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