ANGOLA: Belltree Awarded National Benchmarking Analysis Contract by ANPG

Belltree Limited, the energy consultancy and provider of industry-leading benchmarking software bMark™, has been awarded a significant contract to assist the Angolan Petroleum Regulator (ANPG) in its drive to optimise reserves and production from mature fields. This contract builds on Belltree’s extensive experience in highlighting asset potential via data-driven, national benchmarking projects for sovereign nations such as the UK, Norway, Netherlands & UAE.

The ANPG benchmarking project commences January 2021 and will leverage ANPG asset data alongside Belltree’s proprietary bMark™ software and data science expertise. The project will take six months to complete and will deliver ANPG a ranked portfolio of assets with upside reserves & production potential.

bMark™ is a significant resource to draw from, enabling 48,000+ global oil and gas field analogues, data analytics and a suite of predictive benchmarks to be applied to energy projects.

ANPG’s Production Directorate, said:

“ANPG is looking to revitalise the mature fields in the Angolan Oil and Gas industry in order to improve the operational efficiency of these concessions by awarding a benchmarking project to identify and optimise candidates for mature fields.


  • Accurately identify the mature fields with potential to increase production and maximise recovery
  • Build a robust database and develop a benchmarking tool for ANPG
  • Detailed and exhaustive diagnosis of the mature fields to help assess whether the reservoir management or the depletion plan was properly applied based on the best industry and regulatory practices.

The project has been awarded to Belltree Limited”

Belltree’s Business Development Director, said:

“Supporting Oil and Gas Regulators and National Operating Companies is an integral component of our business strategy. We are delighted ANPG awarded us this considerable project. We competed against globally recognised consulting businesses and to be selected is a testament to the value our products and services bring to our clients.”



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